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The invention of the wheel revolutionized the history of man more than anything else. Today, everything revolves around high-tech for tailor-made top quality. With increasing speed.

We are driving this development forward. With highly specialized know-how and the precision of the latest CNC technology. We design, turn, test and assemble. We refine, package and deliver. And we keep what we promise.

Flexibility is our strength

Decades of experience and constant willingness to innovate, an extremely versatile machine park and highly motivated employees. All this makes our turning shop more flexible than others. Only in terms of quality do we remain unyielding. Our customers also appreciate this.

Tradition in thinking ahead

From mechanical engineering to highly modern contract turning

„The best way to predict the future is to shape it.“
Willy Brandt (1913-1992), Mayor of Berlin, Federal Chancellor, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate



The company Wilhelm Heinrich Maschinenbau is founded by the master mechanical engineer Wilhelm Heinrich. The company headquarters are located at Alexanderstraße 27 in East Berlin, where woodcarving copying machines are produced. The company is destroyed by the war.


Wilhelm Heinrich rents manufacturing premises at Gerichtstraße 23 (3rd courtyard, 4th upper floor) and begins manufacturing sought-after spare parts, repairing smaller machines and producing turned parts.

The production of screws and nuts for screw wholesalers becomes one of the most important sources of income. Initially, production took place on an old Berlin screw lathe, driven by a transmission mounted on the ceiling with a layshaft.


In order to increase the production quantities of screws and nuts, a defective Loewe turret lathe is purchased. After successful repair, production is increasingly concentrated on small turned parts.

When company founder Wilhelm Heinrich dies, his son Horst Heinrich takes over the business and expands the turning shop.


With the first cam-controlled short turning machine, Horst Heinrich lays another foundation stone for the future orientation of the turning shop. A further 22 Traub A25 automatic lathes, equipped with Hagenuk loading magazines, gradually followed. These automatic lathes are used to produce stud blanks for a VW engine.


The first cam-controlled sliding headstock lathes (type Strohm 125) extend the delivery spectrum of our turning shop.


Bernd Pooch joins the company as a machine fitter.


Acquisition of the first Index cam-operated turret lathes.


Bernd Pooch is appointed Operations Manager.


Acquisition of the first cam-controlled multi-spindle automatic lathe of the Tornos brand.


Entry into NC turning technology, acquisition of the first NC turning machines of type Index GE65. 1984 - 1986 3 turning machines of the type Traub TNS 30/42 follow.


Horst Heinrich dies after a short, serious illness.
Bernd Pooch is appointed Managing Director.
His son Christian Pooch joins the company as plant manager after completing his training and several years of professional experience as a setter of NC lathes.


Change of name to Heinrich GmbH.

1991 – 2006

Continuous investments in turning technology and machinery followed, so that now 10 NC controlled machine tools, 7 multi-spindle automatic lathes, 1 rotary transfer machine, 5 cam-controlled short and long lathes as well as various finishing and special machines are available.


Bernd Pooch retires.
Christian Pooch takes over the management.


The time of change. Move to the new company premises in Berlin-Lichtenrade. A 2,000 m² production hall with a crane runway and its own transformer station not only offers the possibility of making production more efficient, but also provides space for possible extensions.


Sebastian Pooch, the eldest son of GF Christian Pooch, joins the company after completing his training as a machining mechanic.


Tobias Pooch, the second son of GF Christian Pooch, joins the company after completing his training as a machinist and a Master's degree in mechanical engineering.


The focus has always been on the customer. Over the years, we have consistently invested in the latest production and measuring technology as well as in qualified personnel in order to meet the constantly increasing requirements with regard to quality and production possibilities. The machine park now comprises 20 CNC controlled machine tools. The number of employees has also increased from 14 in 2006 to 20.


Heinrich GmbH is breaking new ground.
The high point in the investments made so far is the acquisition of a
5-axis machining centre of the company Bumotec type s181.
The entry into milling machining represents an extension that offers completely new possibilities and opens doors to customer groups that could not previously be served.

Suppliers for corporations & design offices

Precision turned parts for highest quality requirements

industry emphases

For many years HEINRICH GmbH has been a reliable contractual supplier for companies of different types and sizes. These mainly include customers from the fields of medical technology, solar technology, optics, electrical engineering and switchgear construction. Further branches are plastics technology, communication technology, life-saving systems and laboratory technology.

On request, we will be happy to send you an up-to-date list with well-known references.


Location with prospects for the future

In the heart of the logistics hub Berlin

The HEINRICH GmbH turning shop is located in the Motzener Straße industrial estate in Berlin-Lichtenrade, the southernmost district of the Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg district.

The modern production hall is divided into two bays (with two 8t gantry cranes) and is supplemented by a technical basement. An area of around 2,500 m² and state-of-the-art CNC technology offer ideal conditions for the production of precision turned parts. Including large reserve areas for the realisation of high order volumes as a contract turning shop and for the development of new customer projects.

Our convenient location in Berlin can be reached quickly via the A10 and B96/B101. Logistics processes are optimally supported by the local infrastructure and internal processes.